Horses in Training at NSAE

You and your horse learn the language together

Horse Training Basics at NSAE

All horses in training at NSAE must be accompanied by a rider in training who will be equally changed and re-created by this interaction. We do not fashion machines out of living beings, we give horses and humans a shared language to create something together that is more beautiful, healthy, safe and fun than anything either would come up with on their own. Before you make the choice to work with us, you need to know who we are and what we do.

NSAE’s Principles of training  Who are the Trainers  






The Owner's Role

You’ll be taking an active role in this process. We create a language, and you have to learn to speak, or your horse will be left waiting for you to join the conversation. Lessons for the owner are included in the cost of your training package. Follow this link to learn about how we teach: both in person and on line lessons can be included.

Lesson options
The Facilities

Where will my horse live? Where will I be riding? A visual tour of the facilities.

The Farm
Questions about costs

All of this costs money…how much depends on how many lessons a week you’ll take to keep up with your horse in training, and whether your horse has special needs beyond the full board and turnout that is commonly offered. Your training package is inclusive: it includes boarding, training for the horse, and training for the rider.  Clinics at NSAE are offered at a lower cost for people with horses in training here, and are especially inexpensive  for boarders to repeat.