Boarding at NSAE

From a distance...

The farm takes up a little less than nine acres. There are two barns, a covered indoor arena, a full sized outdoor arena, and local riding trails to trailer to. Our horses are turned out 6 to 8 hours daily in all weather turn out paddocks with shelters. They also enjoy pasture turnout in larger groups in summer months, weather permitting.  The manager lives on site.


Summer is the best time of year in the Northwest. The barn is welcoming all year round, but we only have blooming rhododendrons in June.

The covered arena

The arena is 66 feet by 132. Footing is granulite sand with rubberized pellets– maintains its moisture and has just a slight springiness. We harrow regularly and have a nice mister system should it require a little added damp.

Mounting block

Riders and horses both get spoiled by the elevated mounting block. For the rider, we mount from a comfortable height without having to hoist ourselves up. For the horse, there’s none of the heavy traction to the left that is common with mounting from lower elevations.

Shelters for any kind of weather

Snow is rare and usually lasts only a couple of days  here. Rain is more often the weather we’re dealing with- and with our great turn out sheds (thank you Justin and Kathy!) our horses easily find the shade or shelter they need.

Nice stalls

This is a view of the little barn, where the stalls are 1o by 10. In the main barn they are 12 by 12. All stalls are matted, and we use wood pellet bedding. Highly absorbent without dust, and it is environmentally sound as very little bedding goes out with the morning poo removal.

Boarding at NSAE


Winter, spring, summer or fall, your horse will be well cared for at NSAE. Minimum 6 hours of turnout daily in paddocks or summer pastures, and evenings inside in big box stalls. Our handlers are all well trained and all adhere to classical principles, so the horses here are relaxed and peaceful. Excellent hay, fresh water, top quality basic supplements. We use pelleted bedding for dust control and dry feet. 

Riding areas

A lovely indoor arena with great footing, and a peaceful riding culture is open from 9 to 9 daily. There is an outdoor dressage arena as well. Outdoor working areas are available, and while our local trails have been overtaken by “progress”, we’re within easy hauling of some of the best riding trails in the Puget Sound area. Lord Hill Park and Paradise Valley Conservation Area are just minutes away.

Horse and Rider’s Education

All horse owners boarding here study classical riding with us. Your monthly board bill will include a lessons package for one or two lessons weekly, as you choose. Often riders in house will do an intensive when they have some time off, and we love to “bump up” your riding with special studies. Riders may join together to trailer to riding trails, and we often have community get togethers here. We also give regular clinics on classical equitation, and boarders are given a discount for those special events. Riders may use a western saddle or an English one, or a dressage saddle– we don’t mind the furniture. 

Training services are also available, and most of our boarded horses are also in training. It is not mandatory, but it’s a little silly to have a world class trainer available and not use his services! So most of our riders take advantage of that expertise. And we won’t think less of you if, instead, you choose to study with us to train your own horse… as long as you do the training. If your horse is unruly and difficult to handle, we may require you put him or her into training long enough to make it safe for our stable hands. 

Services and Resources

You are welcome to work with your usual service providers if you choose, and NSAE’s manager insists upon and continues to research for the best of the local providers. We have one of the best farriers in the region trimming and shoeing on a regular basis. We are on a regular rotation with one of the best body workers in the area, as well as having regular visits from a top of the line veterinary chiropractor, acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner. We have an equine dental specialist who comes annually, and the farm is located just a few minutes hauling to Pilchuck veterinary hospital, the premier veterinary facility in the region. So… you’re in good hands!

Barn culture

Classical work is about calm, honest, peaceful connection. Our barn’s culture reflects this. Boarders typically share a kind, connected mindset, and we love that about our riders. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, all levels of income, all cultural norms… and the constant is kindness and curiosity and a generous compassionate mind. And, as in all groups of people, occasionally a boarder comes in who seems to enjoy politics or drama. When this happens such people are gently and clearly invited to find other facilities. This is home, and as a community we like our home to be safe and joyful for horses and riders alike. 

Contact us to ask about joining the community at NSAE. 

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