Perfection of the Seat, One DVD

Perfection of the Seat: One.

Regardless of your discipline developing a real seat is central to developing safety, and simple clarity in the conversation with your horse. Craig Stevens introduces the method used by the French cavalry to develop the rider’s balance. From the walk through to the seated trot, with video of riders practicing and Craig explaining the work being done.

Price includes shipping a single DVD, if you are interested in the full suite keep scrolling through the catalogue and you’ll find you can save money with the packaged order. If you’d prefer to start with “Perfection One”, please choose the correct location below and we’ll send it on to you.

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Perfection of the Seat, Two DVD

Continuing the principles introduced in “Perfection one” this DVD includes Craig Stevens giving instruction on developing the rising trot and canter, and on integrating the rein aids with the horse under saddle. We strongly recommend you purchase it along with Perfection One, or in the full suite with Dressage in History and Practice: the full suite gives you a nice price break.

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Dressage in History and Practice - double DVD set

We all have heard stories about the origins of the art of training horses. The stories typically begin with “it’s a military tradition…” and they go on from there.  Not all riding, though, had military purposes. Knowing more about the history helps the rider understand some of the conflicts and confusions that exist between riders today. Why are there all these differences in riding styles and traditions? Why do we do what we do, and why do they do what they do? In this two volume set, Craig Stevens explains riding history and introduces the fundamentals of French classical equitation.

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Suite of DVDs: Perfection One and Two, and Dressage in History

Purchase all the DVDs as a suite, and receive the two seatwork DVDs and the double-volume Dressage in History and Practice all together. Not only do you save money on shipping, but you get the suite price:  separately they would cost $125, together they’re $110. (Plus shipping and handling to your location.)


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On Line Lessons in concert with the FEA

On Line Learning: it will never replace “in person” learning, but we are working hard to make the material we have available to all our students, and not only those who can make it to Snohomish to ride.

Follow the link to The Foundation for the Equestrian Arts page about the cyber riding academy. The F.E.A. is our sister organization, a non profit, 501c3 company that exists to preserve and teach Classical French Equitation. Your lessons on line help support publishing and other projects with the F.E.A..

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