Certification Program: the Credential

Earn certification as a rider, trainer or instructor

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Seatwork on Blue with Christie teaching

The Foundation for the Equestrian Arts offers credentials for accomplished practitioners of this older form of riding. French Classical Training, the approach that Craig Stevens and Mary Anne Campbell teach, is very different from modern work. We are very interested  in preserving this lineage through training great students to follow us, and make this work their own. 

Dedicated Students can earn three levels of certification.

  • The first level is the Classical Rider’s Certification. This is an indication that the rider is committed to working this way and is making progress in his or her work. It is an acknowledgement of scholarship, practice and curiosity that is a purely personal achievement.

  • The second level is the Classical Trainer’s Certification. At this level the rider is interested in learning how to work with many different  types of horses. The concept of training itself is what is being explored. This is for people whose focus is on the horse itself, on learning aspects developing a great riding horse. Trainers learn not only how to bring along a good horse to help make it a great one, but about starting young horses, recovering older horses, and helping rescue injured or traumatized ones.

  • The third level is Classical Instructor’s Certification. This is the most involved certification.  The teacher’s certificate includes the concepts involved in both the rider's and the trainer’s certificates, but you are now learning deeply about working with both the horse AND human species. Instructor’s certification is earned through work directly with Craig and Mary Anne and your skills are evaluated both through your work with horses and through observation of lessons taught, as well as evaluation of students you're coaching. The teacher’s certificate indicates that the rider has a deep and clear comprehension of the work, is successfully training others towards high levels in the work, and is capable of improving each horse and rider that he or she works with.  The certified instructor will be as passionate about learning how to teach effectively as they are about riding.