Clinics in French Classical Equitation

Ground work- Work in Hand - Riding - Training

Clinics we are currently offering at our home barn, or by arrangement, at yours.

  • The Mediterranean Clinic: old world ground work that gently releases resistance
  • Work In Hand: Classical ground handling, bringing a horse to the highest levels
  • Classical Riding Clinics: Days of focused riding instruction, observing and developing together
  • Old Master’s Clinics: Delve into the history and biography of a chosen old master, and then practice an aspect of his or her work with the horse.

What do we mean by “Classical” equitation? Follow this link to learn more. 


Host a Clinic at your own barn: We travel to teach at any facility that has a covered venue. The Mediterranean clinic can be taught at a private home, requiring only two simple box stalls and a classroom for lectures. In Hand and riding clinics require a covered arena. Contact us to inquire about what is involved with bringing us to your own locale.