Classical Riding Clinics

Classical Equitation for the modern horseman

The Riding Clinic

We don’t teach exhibition tricks. We teach authentic training.

Classical riding is different from contemporary dressage. The oft repeated maxim is that dressage comes from military work, and contemporary dressage does. Classical dressage preceded the modern variation that is common today. Where common dressage is based on practicing to display an externally judged form of correctness for the eyes of watchers, classical work is based on finding this horse and this rider’s unique and most perfect balance, engagement, and suppleness, so that everything they take on becomes easy and resistance free.

Who is this for?


Any rider from any discipline is welcome at our clinics. You do not need to be an advanced rider, we work with “beginner beginners” all the way up to instructors and high level performance riders in all disciplines. People come to our clinics to truly learn, not just to be seen. We work with the horse you bring: if there’s a dangerous problem, check with us first. The work done with a volatile horse will be adjusted to maintain safety in a clinic setting.

We work with the rider who presents themselves for instruction. If you have a goal, we’ll start at the level where your work towards the goal needs to begin: your first Piaffe may just happen this clinic, and yet, if that is your goal, you may find yourself addressing balance issues very deeply to prepare yourself and your horse for the piaffe later.

What do we do?

Riding clinics begin with a theory lecture to get all participants and auditors on the same page with the work. Then in one single-rider lesson after another, the instructors take the participants and their horses on an exploration of balance and release, developing the tact and understanding of the rider and the trust and willingness of the horse.

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