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Additional host support materials

Hosting a clinic: common questions

Everyone who will host a clinic has the same basic questions. What is it? What do you teach? What do I do to make this work? What will be the costs to put it on? Price to charge participants? How do I advertise? How do I keep track of all of this?

The tabs below lead to PDFs for you that explain this year’s clinics and address common questions. Please feel free to email with all your other questions as they arise.

The blocks below lead to information on clinics in your area.

What clinics and other events are available?

In addition to the beautiful basics of the classical riding clinic, we offer several other options for riders who want to deepen their practice of the classical art of horsemanship. Mediterranean work, Work in Hand and several variations on the ground-work theme, clinics on Restoring Sanity, on Fear, on themes exploring the old masters and more.

Download your clinic support packet, or read the other pages about the clinics we have on our website for more information on the clinics we’re offering this year.

What are the costs for these events?

Clinics, seminars and private lessons are charged at a basic rate that the host pays to the clinician, and the host then adds to this the costs that it takes to put the event on. That final cost per ride sets the participant’s price. We work to keep costs about the same from one region to another, so we have a suggestion on your rider’s prices: if you can’t meet that price, contact us and let’s talk about options.

Check here, as soon you’ll find a nice clinic organizer’s costs and expenses calculator that may help you set your clinic pricing with a little less worry. (We’re translating it into the different currencies now.)

Paying Clinic Fees

Clinic Fee Payments

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