Certificates of Attendance

at Clinics and Events

Certificate of attendance for a previous European clinic

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We’ve heard from some riders over the years that they would like certificates of attendance and we have supplied them when asked. It’s not always been clear to participants that this was available, though! So rather than leave anyone wanting, we are offering the certificates to you now for clinics you attended in the past.

If you completed a clinic and would like a certificate, you are welcome to use these contact forms to let us know. We will contact your clinic host to confirm your participation, so please do Include in your message the type or types of clinics for which you’d like certificates, the dates you attended, and the host’s name. We’ll confirm your participation with the host and then email you a copy of your certificate.

Thank you for being there- we hope to see you again at many more of these clinics over the coming years.


Certificate of attendance for a previous clinic in the Americas

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