Mediterranean Clinics

Old world groundwork for the modern horseman

The Old World Work

Modern equitation comes from the modern mind: digital, quick, logic based, rushed, armored, defensive and pushy.

The horse, however, lives in an archaic place: quiet, emotional, curious, inclusive and elemental.

Mediterranean work returns the horseman to a way of thinking, listening, and interacting that draws the handler and the horse into a shared space of connection. This moment. This idea. This movement.

Who is this for?

Mediterranean work is used to start young horses. Resistances begin with fear. Mediterranean work aligns the young horse’s mind with the handler, so that there is never a cause to begin a resistance in the first place.

It is used to recover and rehabilitate horses that are undersaddle already but having some difficulties. Horses that are disinterested in the rider or openly resistant can find sanity in the horse human interaction through this lovely old work.

It is used to help older horses or injured ones find the comfortable use of limbs or movements that they no longer trust. It is profoundly gentle rehabilitation work for horses with a legitimate reason to feel a little “iffy” about how their bodies now work.

It is profoundly wonderful for the fearful, tired, uninspired or angry horseman: slows you down, returns you to that place of curiosity and connection that was why you began wanting to be around horses in the beginning.

What do we do?

Mediterranean work is hands on, very intentional and very curious touch. The handler is working with the hand, with a smooth stick or gaul, or with a heavy rope. The voice is also used. The work establishes harmony, rhythm, alignment, connection, direction and an intimate sense of trust for both the horse and the rider.

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