The Work in Hand Clinics

Classical Groundwork for the modern horseman

The Work in Hand

The classical work in hand is a method for starting an untrained horse, for developing a horse under saddle, and for finishing a horse at highest levels. For all horses it is a technique for building strength, balance and suppleness both of body and of mind. It is a very precise method to develop a conversational language with your horse that allows for a connection that builds trust, and along with it agility and precision. The work teaches the handler tact and comprehension of the aids and of the gaits, while it helps the horse to find balance in concert with a handler.

About the clinic

The basic clinic, including a slide show of beautiful imagery to support the lecture format, is for beginners through professional level riders who are ready to begin to truly understand the work they do with their horses. It provides the student of the horse a deep theoretical basis for work with the horse in hand—which translates directly to the work under saddle and to driving.



Advanced Work in Hand

After completing the basic clinic, or when the rider is proficient in the classical rein aids as we teach them, handlers can follow up with courses in Longe work, the Pillars, Ropes and Reins, the Whip, and can go deeper into other aspects of Haute Ecole in hand.

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