The Whip Clinic

About the Whip Clinic:


  • The Whip Clinic is normally 2 days with about 10 to 12 hours of explanation and discussion of theory and about 4 hours of practice over the two days.
  • It can also be given in a shorter form, introducing ideas in the condensed one day whip clinic.
  • This is anĀ advanced clinic done after the Mediterranean and Work in Hand clinic (though only the in hand is a non-negotiable prerequisite for attending).
  • Price is the same as for Work in Hand.



Craig on this clinic:


The origin and the inspiration for the whip clinic came from a 19th century horse master by the name of Raabe. A student of Baucher, Capitaine Raabe was said to be the master of the whip. That title, “master of the whip”, peaked my curiosity. It seemed a ridiculous idea to me. What was there to master? I thought a whip was just a stick that you would use to hit the horse. Little did I know at the time how much of a journey it would lead me on and the miraculous practice which would arise from my exploration of Raabe, touch, and the whip.

I love sharing these ideas with horses and their people. This work is so beautiful…