NSAE Covid Response

masked holder.jpeg

At NSAE we’re doing our best to keep us as safe as we can. We are following the recommendations of epidemiological scientists as this situation unfolds. We’re lucky in that we have a nice big airy covered arena with open half walls, so we’re ‘inside/outside’ and there’s plenty of fresh air dispersing rider’s exhalations. In order to ride here, masks are required and while preparing your horse gloves are required.  We ask that all riders use hand sanitizers provided, or bring their own, and any time they will be without gloves that they clean up before and after touching anything.

The whole community depends on each of us being scrupulous about our health. Don’t come if you’re even questioning whether you’re ill. Any rider who is experiencing any symptoms of illness, please, stay home until you’ve tested clear of the virus and are completely well.

Staff members at NSAE are sheltering in place on the farm and we’re observing the same protocols: none of us goes to work if we’re feeling off, and if there are any Covid symptoms we’re quarantining from the rest of the household and getting tested clear of the virus before returning to be in service to the community. This has made the costs of operation more expensive but it’s what we feel is the right way to proceed.

If you will miss a lesson due to these careful practices, don’t worry! We have a library of online material that you can take to replace in person lessons.