Craig Stevens

Director at the School 

Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

Craig Stevens is an accomplished classical master.

He is a trainer, a clinician, and an instructor who has been studying horses and  horsemanship, training and teaching for more than 50 years.

Craig has trained horses of many different breeds from start to Haute Ecole. As a Combined Training coach, Craig and his students earned many regional championships when he coached riders for competition in the 80s and 90s. 

He no longer has an interest in competitive work, though many of his students still show. 

But, relentless in his inquiry, Craig has never stopped learning. He develops as a horseman constantly and continues to grow, study and change every year. The principles stay the same, and yet his riding becomes more and more beautiful, and his teaching more and more profound every year.

Craig learned to read French in order to read the old masters in their own words. From his reading, he developed a passion for understanding the context of the writing.  It is not enough to just read the text, he asks:

Who was this author speaking to? His king? Cavalry soldiers?

What did this term, or that one, mean to horsemen in the 17th century? It's not enough to read the language, Craig has also taken the time to learn the cultural and linguistic basis of the written material.

And even so, scholarship is not impressive to the horse. Craig has constantly tested his understanding through his work as an active trainer interacting with horses of all breeds and abilities, and also as an instructor working with as broad a range of students. Both students and horses confirm that what he’s teaching works in the modern world as simply and beautifully as it did hundreds of years ago.

Craig continues to study works of the old masters daily, and with his wife and co-director, is publishing his translations for future riders.

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