How light are the aids?

How light can they be? One answer is the weight of the reins and that warrants our attention, but they can be lighter. The real questions is not how light are the aids but rather, what does the mind weigh?

A well trained horse works on the weight of the mind, for the aids do not arise in the physical universe but arise in the metaphysical world. The horse is not controlled by clever equipment and leverage, but by its own mind trained in service to us and we control by our mind trained in service to the horse.

We are joined together, mind to mind and body to body. One mind, fixed, one mind, yielding and one mind initiating; The three aspects function as one. One horse, one human and one mind with these three energies connected through the heart.

Control is the harmonious application of the mind to the “now” and anything else is illusion or delusion. So what does the mind weigh?

This is good dressage.