National School of Academic Equitation is located 30 minutes north of Seattle Washington.


If you are driving, it’s a good idea to do everything possible to avoid arriving in the Seattle area during peak driving times—roughly 7am to 9am, and 3pm to 7pm. If you arrive in rush hour it will add substantially to your drive time.


The address is: 11901 215th Place SE Snohomish, Washington 98296





Coming from South of Seattle:

From Portland:

Take highway five north, watching for exit 154, putting you on highway 405 toward Renton and Everett.

From the Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) airport: about 45 minutes.

      Follow signs to the 405 freeway, looking for the 405 on-ramp toward Renton, it will shuttle you to where you’ll merge onto route 405 north, toward Renton and Everett.

From 405:

Take route 405 to exit 23, which is marked 522 east: Wenatchee and Woodinville.  This will put you onto route 522.

From 522: Take 522 east toward Monroe.

Continue on 522 about 6 or 7 miles past the Woodinville and Snohomish turnoffs. Proceed to the Fales and Echo Lake Road Exit, and turn right.

  • Proceed up Echo Lake about one mile to 215th place.
  • Turn Left on 215th Place and we are the first driveway on the left. You’ll notice our blue sign out front. Follow the driveway down to the barns and ask for Craig or Mary Anne.

Coming from British Columbia or points north of Seattle,

Take Highway five south to Everett.

Take Highway Two east toward Monroe and Wenatchee.

Take the Snohomish Highway NINE exit, and

From Snohomish

Follow highway nine past Snohomish to the street lights at Broadway.

Turn left onto Broadway, and follow it up the hill about half a mile.

Turn left onto Connolly, you’ll see signs for the Kenwanda golf course.

Follow Connolly to where it “T”s into Elliot, turn left.

Follow Elliott across a little valley past “Bob’s Corn” Farm, and turn right onto Fales Road.

Follow Fales road, it will go a few miles to highway 522. Stay on Fales.

Fales goes under 522 and becomes Echo Lake Road. Stay on Echo Lake.

Go one mile past 522 to 215th Place, turn left, and take the first driveway on the left on 215th.

Follow the driveway down to the barns and ask for Mary Anne or Craig.