The Professional's Course

Are you ready to learn to do this at a professional level?

For students ready to develop their riding and training to the highest degree, the professional’s course is an incredibly powerful approach to creating a seriously skilled classical trainer.

Learn by doing.

The course is hands on. You pay for your learning through work study, and you work hard. The amount you take from it is exactly the amount you put into it. We give you every clinic offered here during the year, and one formal lesson weekly, and multiple daily small lessons. You learn by observing, by asking questions, by reading assigned material and having access to the school’s library. You’ll learn by teaching riders yourself, and by working regularly with school horses to help them develop freedom in motion without a rider up.  You’ll develop your skills in ground work, work in hand, riding and training, as well as in the behind the scenes work of a professional stable.

You’ll confront your own resistances to honestly developing your skills as you learn to address the resistances and reservations in the minds and hearts of the horses and riders you work with here.

This is a serious commitment for a mature and healthy mind: don’t come if you have reservations, come to be a horse-monk for one year, and be prepared to dive into it completely.

This is NOT a paid position. It is designed to get a motivated and diligent student on their feet professionally in as short a time as possible, and there is no guarantee. Success depends on the student’s aptitude and clarity of intention. There is no stipend, and you may park a trailer on site, but otherwise housing is not provided.

The course does not have to be the full immersion experience, although it’s most efficient that way. It can be taken over a series of years as a part time experience, if you are not able to live for 12 months without financial support we can help you come up with other options in work study learning. We are always looking for local candidates interested in teaching here as an assistant, so if it’s something you’d like to investigate do contact us.

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