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The Cyber Riding Academy

The On-Line Riding Academy

Teaching this material for decades we’ve assembled a very powerful method for developing a student as a classical rider. Craig and Mary Anne, with the support of several dedicated students, have created an on-line academy that we hope will live well beyond our active teaching lives.

There are several levels of involvement available, from simply learning something new about training in pre-recorded lectures, videos or readings to semi-private or group seminars and lessons, to private in person studies focusing on your own particular horse and your skills as a rider.

We are developing these lessons as a legacy for the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts.

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In Depth Study of the Rein Aids: an on line course for review

A four lesson course on the basic rein effects.

$60 for the full four week course recorded and repeated on line.

Direct rein, indirect rein, half halt, reverse half halt: these four aids are the basic grammar in the conversation with the horse.  When we first learn them, we learn like a child learns its alphabet: A makes an “A” sound. We make predictable mistakes as we begin to learn. Only with good practice to we truly learn to read and write, and earn our entry into the world of literature.

In the same way, as the rider’s touch and the ability to listen develops, the rider will find that the four simple aids become a doorway to a world of movement and grace that takes your breath away. This series is to develop the discernment to explore the aids with much more refinement.

We discussed common mistakes and what they create, common resistances in the horse and how to release them, common resistances in the handler or rider, and how to recognize, respect, and release them too.

The course is archived and once enrolled you’ll have access to support materials beyond what is covered in the recorded conference calls.

The Rein Aids: Email to sign up

How do we work together?

Through an on-line academy and in-person conversations

You’ll be joining our on-line learning platform through “Schoology.” (Skool-ogy)  Those who will work with us in person will also be using a meeting app called “Zoom”. Both formats are free for the user.

“Schoology” is an on line learning site where we can meet and share information in a formal, structured class format.  It’s set up for students and teachers to communicate easily with one another, and it’s pretty easy to use even for those of us who are a bit internet resistant.

Once you’ve joined Schoology, you can begin your education by signing up for courses that are pre-written, ready to start at your own convenience, and constantly being updated and improved for repeating students.

“Zoom” is an on-line meeting platform. We start you with a free orientation session to answer your questions so that you’re prepared for real time conversations on line.  Then it’s face to face, working as often as we schedule together. We can view video clips of your work or ours together, deepen your personal understanding of theory and design practical applications of ancient ideas that will help with your horse today. Your zoom meetings are saved to a shared file on Schoology that you have access to for reference throughout your studies with us.

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The first courses now open to students include

Personal lessons:

In person lessons are one-on-one internet meetings held either privately or in a group. These are lessons taken on line, we share screens and speak in ‘real time’. The meetings are recorded and kept in a folder on the Schoology site that you have access to throughout your course work. Those recorded meetings then, unless arranged in advance otherwise, become part of the school’s library in perpetuity.

Classical Dressage Multi Media Lectures:

The Origins of Dressage: why we do what we do, why ‘they’ do what ‘they’ do, and why many choices can and should be revisited by the modern rider. The lectures are backed with slides, videos and interplay between the two directors of NSAE as we discuss the nitty gritty, romantic, very human story of the path that training has taken over time.

Work in Hand: Lectures with a multi media backdrop on the elements involved for the Classical trainer in working the horse from the ground

Mediterranean Work: Lecture series with beautiful slides on the early, powerful principles that infuse all French classical work with such a sweet connection to the mind and heart of horse and rider.

Ecole de Cavalerie: The first in our series on the old masters, Francoise Robichon de la Guérinière’s famous treatise comes to life with this multi media lecture on the book often called “the bible of dressage”.

On Line Courses: Weekly sessions on Dressage History, Concepts, and Principles

Ecole de Cavalerie

This is a course through Schoology in which we continue and deepen the enqury begun with the lecture on Francoise Robichon de la Guérinière’s masterpiece on equitation, Ecole de Cavalerie. This book, published in several different forms around 1733, is considered seminal to every dressage method being used today. We take you back as close as possible to the original text, using a translation that was written in English only a few decades after the treatise was first published. The course includes videos, lectures, articles, and beautiful imagery to help clarify not only the work itself, but the historical and linguistic context in which it was written. This helps the modern student recalibrate our understanding closer to la Guérinière’s original intent. Completing these old master’s courses will help the modern rider understand the forces at work in communicating about training. This discernment should offer useful information to help make sense of the confusion of contemporary training methods.