Lessons Programs at N.S.A.E. for Adults, Teens, and Children


Weekly lessons for Adults

No matter what level you are as a rider, there are options for you. “There’s no such thing as advanced riding, only beginning riding done better and better.” That premise is very real at NSAE. Beginner lessons are as important to us as the most advanced, and just as full of focus, play, personal breakthroughs and real joy.

Weekly lessons are offered in blocks of four or eight lessons per month.
All riders, no matter what your background is, begin with serious seatwork. And we’re very good at it! We will work with you on the longe line at first, so that over the course of your first 8 to 12 lessons you will become able to walk, trot, and canter without using the reins or stirrups for balance. And we return to seatwork regularly, it’s not considered “beginner” work at all.

Then, before you’re on your own in the arena, we make certain you have a clear understanding of classical aids in controlling the horse. We’ll help you develop the understanding of the classical aids and balance so that you can easily control the horse in the classical manner.

Because the initial work “dismantles” old habits we strongly recommend that the adult rider starts with an intensive to get through the seatwork most efficiently. An intensive typically gets the fundamental balance across in about four to five days. Many riders do it once a week, and we’re fine with that. But without the intensive, plan on twelve weeks or more of seatwork lessons before the balance begins to become second nature.

Children’s weekly or one-time lessons

We work slowly and very carefully with children. If you want a fast track to riding for your child, we are not the barn for you.

If you want your child to respect the horse as a living being, and to get a real classical education, learning leadership through connection and balance and engagement (the education that nobility sought for their children who would be world leaders one day) then that’s us. Click the “Children’s Lessons” title, or the picture below to find out more about our younger rider’s programs. 

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In Depth Learning-- the Intensive

More on the Intensive, a personal riding retreat