Credentialed teachers

Our credentialed teachers went on to teach in other locations around the world

Obtaining a Credential through the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts and NSAE is a rigorous, demanding, and challenging program. Certified Instructors must continue their education to remain credentialed through NSAE and FEA.
As of spring, 2020, these three trainers have put in the hard work to attain their certification. They continue to advance their understanding and their expertise in this form so that they are maintaining their certifications annually. 



Megan Rau

Shown walking with "Grayson", teaches and trains in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 

2017-03-17 16.23.53.jpg

Anneli Eriksson

Shown cantering on "Jade", teaches and trains in Knivsta, Sweden, near Stockholm.


Suz Crichton-Stuart

Shown teaching in a green parkland, teaches and trains near Ropley in Hampshire, England. 

Teaching at Langhelm clinic 2018.jpg

Mary Anne Campbell

Master instructor


Craig P. Stevens

Classical Master

The Teachers

Snohomish Washington, Fort Collins Colorado, Knivsta Sweden, and in the UK