Standing 14.2 hands high…or so, Strut was born in 1984 and he’s still going strong. He’s a beautiful bay arabian of no particular breeding who is our most brilliant master at the seat work lesson. He’s a positive metronome, willing to give the rider a consistent, rhythmic trot that helps us sort out the release and balance of a perfecting seat.

But don’t be mislead by his willingness to help with early work. Strut remains absolutely gorgeous at piaffe, willing to give you your first levade, and a wizard at flying changes.


Navarre is a stunning buckskin andalusian with delightful gaits and a huge personality. He’s shared with the school by his generous owner, Tiffany. Navarre teaches riders the price of opposition: if you get engaged in an argument with this beautiful Spanish gentleman, you know it. If you stay in the rapier end of diplomacy, the riders can be like poetry. He introduces you to the noble art of flirtation, to the power of clarity of intent, to the incredible sensitivity you’re capable of experiencing. And he’s drop dead gorgeous, too.


Blue’s shared with NSAE through the Foundation. He’s a cremello appaloosa with blue eyes and a kind, helpful heart. He’s our go-to horse for teaching gait transitions, as Blue’s quarterhorse-style physique and his straight-forward mind together mean that you know exactly how he’s arranging himself to respond. You can feel him preparing for each change, and go along with the idea or learn to reset the plan. He loves to please his people.

He’s a delightful ride.

Blue’s “vice” is that he’d like to cuddle. He longs to tuck his soft pink nose into the crook of your arm and close his eyes and think about nothing but the sound of your heart beating. This can be very distracting, but it’s always endearing, too.


River, like Strut, is another back yard arabian, flashy and full of himself. He’s our best go-to work in hand horse, as his half pass type movements are easy and he loves a conversation with another sentient mind. River was injured by his previous training, there’s some profound arthritic changes in both neck and hocks, so the work with him is very gentle and careful and it helps his body retain mobility and ease. River teaches precision, and he’s got a wicked sense of humor! So he teaches you to mind your Ps and Qs, too.

There’s something about him, though, that touches the heart of the handler. This is a horse who reaches out with love, and lets you reach right back. Be prepared for some warm and fuzzy moments right in there with the flash and crackle.

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