A life-long rider, Mary Anne Campbell grew up without lessons, riding neighbor's horses and borrowing horses belonging to friends (thank you Emily and Rififi) and 'figuring it out on the fly'. Her formal education began at age 17 in a college program. She discovered that one could be taught, and she dove right into lessons in huntseat, jumping, dressage, western trail and reining in college at the University of California at Davis (where she earned her B.A. in fine art).

After college her equestrian studies continued with Dave Williams, one of Tom Dorrance’s students, and friends in the eventing and huntseat world. She managed high-end showjumpers for a number of years, and ran a successful riding program at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club. But what she had learned never set right, and she felt like an outsider looking in.
Mary Anne found the kind of real connection with the horse that she’d always imagined was possible when she began to study dressage with Craig Stevens here at the National School of Academic Equitation nearly twenty years ago.

And she stayed on.

Mary Anne Campbell


Director at the School 

Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

Mary Anne rides the horses in training for Craig when he's on clinic tour, and year round keeps the school horses healthy and connected. Her primary focus is on the human side of the equestrian connection.

She teaches riders from all levels, ages, and disciplines, clinics both in the U.S. and internationally, and has published articles in national magazines both in the US and abroad. Mary Anne and Craig together co-wrote 'Quotes and Commentaries". Mary Anne is currently working on a book on Mediterranean Horsemanship, and editing the translations Craig is presently working on.

She works to preserve this beautiful old work through the creation and support of the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts.