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Mediterranean work

Mediterranean Clinics:
~Introduction to Mediterranean Horsemanship.
~Mediterranean Work Two: Practical Poetry
~Mediterranean Work in Riding

What is Mediterranean Work

Mediterranean work is the bedrock of great French classical work. We call it Mediterranean because it is sourced in riding cultures and countries that rim the Mediterranean Sea, from Africa to Asia to Europe. The work was developed as a method on Sicily, a crossroads for all the Mediterranean cultures. Craig Stevens and Mary Anne Campbell learned this beautiful method from a Sicilian trainer/historian who wanted to be sure the work was not lost, but prefers to remain anonymous. We call him "Pucci", and so do his grandkids. It works.

Mediterranean work is about turning on your sensibility to what you're already unconsciously doing with the horse, and kindling in your horse a sense of trust in your ability to act with respect for physics and cadence and timing.

This beautiful, soulful work begins on the ground and extends throughout all of the work with the horse. It is exquisitely simple, but it is the source for all the upper level movements and gaits. And it's as much of a training for the rider as it is for the horse.

We teach Mediterranean work in all of our lesson forms, from weekly riding sessions on school horses, to clinics at our barn or yours.

These clinics can be presented, however, by one or the other alone, and remain a wonderful and seminal experience.


Hosting a clinic on Mediterranean Work:

This introductory clinic does not require a covered arena, it can be given at any peaceful stable, even a two horse home barn as long as there is a comfortable room for the seminar sessions.

This clinic is appropriate for riders from any discipline and at any level. Participants do not need to bring their own horses for this clinic as long as there are horses available on site that can be touched and will tolerate people in their stalls.

Mediterranean Two: Practical Poetry. How do you use the Mediterranean work in training? We take the basic ideas and move them into application.

Mediterranean work in Riding:

Takes the material we study in the ground clinic and applies it to riding. Here a covered arena is required when Craig’s teaching, recommended when Mary Anne is your clinician.

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