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Old Masters Clinics

Exploring Ideas from Classical Literature

Francoise Baucher

Much maligned, little understood.

Baucher is considered by those who studied with him to have preserved the truly classical lineage in France, by his rivals, he was colored as the first of the 'rogue' French line. The USDF says classical dressage 'took refuge from Baucher' in Vienna. Yet, every cavalry officer who worked with him continued to train their own horses as Baucher taught, and his methods continue to resonate today. 
We'll consider his ideas in seminar, and then work with our horses exploring the concepts in the arena. 


Dupaty de Clam

The ineffable meets the measurable

Dupaty de Clam was contemporaneous with la Guerinere, and was much more a product of "the age of enlightenment." He applied what was then cutting edge science to the completely feel-based rider's education and wrote brilliantly about the training of the horse and of the rider.

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