The On-Line Riding Programs

Lessons can continue in this strange and separated time.

Weekly lesson clients, take heart! We have been practicing and we're very good at the online model.  Your lessons can continue, or can begin online if you're game to try. Until we can all join up at the barn again, we can talk on our computers or phones. We can share videos and images with you to illustrate ideas. There are wonderful concepts to explore and plenty of  fascinating conversations to be shared. 

Contact Mary Anne or Craig to set up your lesson time online-- give it a try, and see why we think it's a viable cyber-option.

Courses and Weekly lessons

Personal lessons:

In person lessons are one-on-one internet meetings held either privately or in a group. These are lessons taken online, but you can set up your phone to do a live video lesson, or record yourself riding and discuss it later. You can ask for a personal session around specific topics, this movement or that one, how to work with a specific problem you're running into, or any other question your riding is raising for you.  We have pre recorded footage of previous lessons, including footage of riding with the trainers Craig Stevens and Mary Anne Campbell, that we can share with you to illustrate the ideas. We can work in the comfort of our own homes while we share screens and speak in ‘real time’.

These meetings are recorded and kept on line in a folder that you have access to return to for clarification throughout your course work. Those recorded meetings then, unless arranged in advance otherwise, become part of the Foundation for the Equestrian Art's library to support other student's learning.

Classical Dressage Multi Media Lectures:

The Origins of Dressage: why we do what we do, why ‘they’ do what ‘they’ do, and why many choices can and should be revisited by the modern rider. The lectures are backed with slides, videos and interplay between the two directors of NSAE as we discuss the nitty gritty, romantic, very human story of the path that training has taken over time.

Bodywork/Work in hand:

A pre-recorded lesson series in which Mary Anne Campbell and veterinarian Dr. Kelli Taylor discuss integrating classical training ideas with good bodywork to address specific problems in movement. 

Work in Hand: 

Lectures with a multi media backdrop on the elements involved for the Classical trainer in working the horse from the ground.

Mediterranean Work: 

Lecture series with beautiful slides on the early, powerful principles that infuse all French classical work with such a sweet connection to the mind and heart of horse and rider.

Weekly sessions on Dressage History, Concepts, and Principles

"The Practice of Equitation" Dupaty de Clam

Join us alternate Tuesday mornings for conversations about Dupaty de Clam and his work. Line by line, page by page: how does his 18th century riding master make a difference for us today?