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Funny times

Left without horse shows and other horsey social events, what recourse is there but to find a deeper friendship with the horse. There are no ribbons given, but the prize is far more valuable than such accolades. The real prize is your acts of kindness will eventually start a wave that extends beyond the horse.

This thing called "dressage" is nothing to be accepted lightly. Crack it open and explore it with your heart. There is always kindness present for those who love the horse but equally, there is a confusion that arises when you are learning. Such confusion is welcomed as it is the crack in the door to the future dawning of wisdom.

Dressage is a body of knowledge that has many flavors and has been practiced in thousands of different ways, but all of the best work in this art is characterized by lightness and kindness. Stay to that touchstone and question everything.

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