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Now is always a time.

There are always gaps and gaps are interesting places. We know the passage of time because of the gaps and rhythm in the shifts in our awareness. We are immersed in the fabric of time. and that immersion we call "now" is when we witness the gaps but maintain a sense of continuity.

Every great rider who has ever ridden a horse has opened the gaps and slowed the rhythm of the shifts in awareness. In addition, they have found synchronization and harmonization with the horse, either through training or happenstance. All this occurring in that fleeting place called "now."

The appreciation and recognition of the specialness to be found in the "now" is the essence of equestrian art. Luckily, in every moment in every ride, a new "now" is born and it is useful to recognize that no great rider ever tried to be great as much as they found full immersion in their practice. This becomes the love that you and the horse come to share as perfectly as you allow yourself to be in that special place all good riders and lovers know... "now."

Always remember that practice is always a matter of connection and harmony. Also, understand that what those two words mean are always simple and always clear and in the "now." Always practice harmony right now, in this very moment. Connection starts as a thought or as a feeling and it is your intelligence that seeks congruence in everything.

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