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Time is a river...

There's an old saying: you can never step in the same river twice.

The water moves, flows, its level rises and falls, the river bed is altered, the river bank grows and recedes. Moment to moment it is never the same.

This is true for the horse you're working with, and it's true for you as a rider too.

The art of great riding depends on being 'here' with the horse in this moment, where he is. Not longing for the movement you did yesterday, or that you're sure you're on the brink of achieving today. Not regretting the aid you did badly or that you missed that clinic or forgot the thing your instructor said about this or that. Not dreading the rising of the wind or the flapping of that gate or the shouting of the neighborhood children. Not hoping the observers see the good stuff and miss the bad. Not kicking yourself and not gloating about things you think about yourself, your horse, or your day.

Just being right here in this moment with this horse and your own sweet self. THIS moment, right now, if you're able to stay present, you're safe. You're able to feel what is real and easily remain on the surface of the moment as it flows to what's next, what's correct, what's in service of the changes you're in service of finding.

Whether that's a charismatic movement or simply coming to a halt-- both the perfect Piaffe and the halt begin with This Moment, This Feeling, Right Now.

Sounds 'woo woo'.

Is actually entirely practical.

See you 'round the barn.

Mary Anne

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