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Day Clinic: The Elements



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The Elements: A clinic with Craig Stevens

July 24th, 2016: 10am to 5 pm  

School horses provided.


The Elements.

Ancient science, folk wisdom, or magical thinking? These ideas can be considered “just woo woo” topics, and yet, the old masters knew these concepts as we know about gravity, they were part of life.

Studying the elements, applying them to concepts in training, these ancient ideas enrich our riding as they reach into parts of ourselves that understand things in a different way.

Come work with Craig Stevens for a day, from 10 to 5 with a lunch and riding break midday. Open your heart and mind to explore the elements and how they inform our work with our horses.

It’s pretty wonderful stuff… intuitive, yet very precise.

Like all great riding.

Come play with us for the day and go home with ideas you’ll use for ever.