Four Lesson Package with Craig Stevens at the Farm


Riding lessons with Craig Stevens are always in depth. You’ll learn not only the movement or aid, but why it is what it is, perhaps history about it, such as who first described it, and how this movement or weight transfer or flexion affects other aspects of riding. As deep as they are, Craig’s lessons are appropriate for riders at any level. “There’s no such thing as advanced riding,” he says, “there’s only beginning riding done better and better.”

You may bring a particular concern that you’re trying to sort out, or just come, ride, and find out where Craig feels he can make the most difference for you and your horse. Regardless, you’ll be working with a modern master: come prepared to learn.


Product Description

Four private riding lessons with Craig Stevens. Lessons can be taken on our school horses or you may haul in, there is a $35 per day haul in fee. The time and dates of your lessons must be arranged with the office. There is a contact form below to do just that.

Please Note: once the time is set with you, that time has been set aside for you and is no longer available for us to offer to another student. For this reason we do not offer refunds once a lesson time has been arranged.