Four Lesson Package with Mary Anne Campbell at the Farm


Riding lessons with Mary Anne are productive and fun for riders at any level from any discipline. Mary Anne’s background includes western riding and trail, as well as haute ecole. She’s often the “go to” person for riders who like to work a little more slowly, who want to clarify something Craig’s working with, or who just like a slightly less intense instructional experience.

The forty five minute lesson is an adult’s course, as it takes more focus than children have to stay present and concentrating for a full lesson session. And Mary Anne loves working with children too, so there are children’s lessons included in our lesson offerings.


Product Description

Four private riding lessons with Mary Anne Campbell in person on the farm on our school horses or your own.

to be taken over the course of six weeks. These lessons are forty five minutes each. If you bring your own horse, there is a $35 per day haul in fee.


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