Seatwork/Bodywork Event – April 30th 2016


April 30th, 2016 bodywork with Marcia Oberg and seatwork with Mary Anne Campbell

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The April 30th event has sold out.

We will be scheduling another event early this summer, please email us to let us know if you’d like to attend.

March 12th/April 30th – Seatwork/Bodywork a combined approach to perfecting the rider’s alignment.
o The event is open to any rider at any level in any discipline, but the spots are very limited. Because of the intense attention each gets we can take a maximum of three riders on each of the seatwork/alignment days offered.
o We will do the seatwork on the longe line on our school horses. No need to haul your own.
o Marcia Oberg will watch you walk, looking for alignment issues that are apparent on the ground, then Mary Anne Campbell will bring you through classical seatwork exercises at the walk, possibly at the trot, and Ms. Oberg will watch you ride while you’re responding to Mary Anne’s corrections and observations. Then you and Marcia will adjourn together to the neighboring massage room, where you’ll have a body work session which is gentle and very specific—not a full body massage, but rather a specific release of the tense muscles that may be involved in blocking your balance on the horse. After the body work session, you will return to ride again and feel what difference that release creates.
o These are private sessions, the cost of the event ($250) covers both rides and the body work.
o The two riding days offered (the 12th of March and the 30th of April) are separate events. We have found this work is profoundly effective, and so we’ve asked Marcia to offer two days, as we can only fit three riders in a given day and we anticipate the sessions will fill very quickly.
o If you’re interested in more information or in signing up, contact Mary Anne at nsae@classical-equitation.com