assurbanipal Persepolis horse in hand adjusted

Training per month- 5 days a week


One Month’s Training for a gelding or mare at NSAE.


Product Description

Five days per week horse training. Sessions will follow classical principles. Horses will be primarily worked by Craig Stevens or by Mary Anne Campbell. They may occasionally be worked by qualified senior students or staff under the guidance of one of the two senior trainers. We work with your horses Saturday through Wednesday with Thursday (and Friday) as a “catch” day if any training day gets missed. Training includes but isn’t limited to all forms of Classical work we teach, including Mediterranean work, work in hand, longe work, and work undersaddle. Horses may be worked in the arena or out in the fields. Horses that become lame or ill and cannot be worked will be treated by the staff rather than given training sessions, until their health permits training again.

Horses will be groomed enough to be comfortable under the tack they’ll wear, but deep grooming services are not part of the training package. If you’d like a little more hands-on care for your horse, consider the special grooming package.