Riding Lessons

Included with our lessons we have courses in work in hand, theory of Classical equitation, old masters, developing the seat, and more. 

Professional's Course

Full time, full immersion course for one year

Are you ready to learn to do this at a professional level?
For students ready to develop their riding and training to the highest degree, the professional’s course is an incredibly powerful approach to creating a seriously skilled classical trainer.

Certification Program

Earn certification as a rider, trainer or instructor

Our certification program is for riders who are ready to learn what it is about the old work that is so different from modern oppositional riding. It is for trainers who want to learn to develop a classically trained horse, and for instructors who want to teach this way.


Online Riding Academy

We are developing these lessons as a legacy for the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts.

Teaching this material for decades we’ve assembled a very powerful method for developing a student as a classical rider. Craig and Mary Anne, with the support of several dedicated students, have created an on-line academy that we hope will live well beyond our active teaching lives.
There are several levels of involvement available, from simply learning something new about training in pre-recorded lectures, videos or readings, to semi-private or group seminars and lessons, to private one-on-one online studies focusing on your own particular horse and your skills as a rider.

Come work study with us

Work study opportunities and limited Foundation for the Equestrian Arts Scholarships are often available, as well as professional discounts for teachers and trainers. Craig and Mary Anne both got much of their education in a work study format, and we are committed to return the favor.