The Intensive

A personal riding retreat

available at Snohomish with Mary Anne Campbell

and at Fort Collins with Craig Stevens


Design your own in depth personal riding retreat

The Basic Intensive:
At minimum to establish the seat we recommend the rider comes for 5 days, observing throughout the day, and riding twice daily to address the seat and balance and to sketch in the aids.

The Immersion Intensive:

For a student with the time and financial resources who wants to go home with as much useful information and practice as possible, we recommend a minimum two week stay. The first 6 days you’ll stay on site throughout the day observing training and other rider's lessons, while you do a mounted lesson twice a day, and an In-Hand or theory lesson for the third session. The second 6 days you’ll design with us to fit your interests, working with the teacher that most suits your learning style. 

Subsequent intensives:

Once your seatwork is established with that first intensive you can come back as often as you would like to, and have more latitude to design your time here. Anything from another long stay to a  single day “drop by” visit will move your riding further along, and we’d love to have you back.