Weekly Lessons

For local adult and young riders

Weekly Lessons at the Farm

Weekly lessons are offered in monthly blocks.

The student may take one or more lessons weekly.

All riders, no matter your background, begin with serious seat work on the longe line. 

And we’re very good at it! We will work  using old cavalry exercises to develop real balance. Over the course of these initial lessons riders are safely guided through exercises that help you to walk, trot, and canter in more and more perfect balance without using the reins or stirrups. 


Then, before you’re on your own in the arena, we will use work in hand and mounted techniques to teach you the rein aids and the basics of the seat and leg, so that your beautiful balance allows you to link with the horse,  and from that link you will find a clear understanding of classical aids in directing the horse. 


Because the initial work “dismantles” old habits we strongly recommend that the adult rider starts with an intensive to get through the seat work most efficiently. In weekly lessons generally it will take from three to four months to establish a good seat for an adult. We do not mind teaching it this way if it is what works for your schedule or budget! The intensive is simply more efficient. 

Children's Riding Program

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Classical Riders: Real Balance

At NSAE we value safety for both the horse and the rider. In classical work all of the riding is based on the connection between the rider and the horse. Developing real control takes time and it takes a maturity of outlook. 

We work with children as young as 7 years old, but regardless of the rider's age they will not be off the longe or lead line until they are well balanced and able not only to control, but to maintain the focus and responsibility for control of the 1,200 pounds of intelligent animal that they are riding. This may take years.

We don't mind, and we keep lessons fun and riders engaged. 

If you want your child to respect the horse as a living being, and to get a real classical education, learning leadership through connection, balance and engagement (the education that nobility sought for their children who would be world leaders one day) then come ride with us.

Here, both rider and horse are valued and both given the time it takes to really develop understanding, connection and balance.